Wow! Where to begin? Where to end? We might begin with a quote from Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. It provides the opportunity to do things that were not possible to do before.” The crisis in 2020 was Covid 19, and leftist’s heads quickly collided into one “eureka” idea. They brainstormed with what brains they could muster, and coalesced around some ideas. One of those was to print and send out millions of ballots to everyone whether requested or not…oh, and while at the printing presses, print waaay more than enough just in case. Another one was to change election “laws”, by state officials rather than members of state legislatures, as is legal and customary. So, illegal, and other than customary accommodations for Covid 19 were cobbled together. The crisis was such that every opportunity, rather than merely many, were available for use and exploitation. So, they were all used and exploited.

The crisis was not serious enough to clamp down on an entire Summer of burning, looting, and attacking innocent citizens though. That was cool. Only those held to a higher standard were locked down, while their businesses and communities were burned down, both physically and financially, I mean, what’s the difference? Either way owners lost them. The lame stream media applauded the thousands of acts of arson and physical violence from their side. They even set up special funds to bail them out of jail. No outrage there. But for those locked down, held to a higher standard, folks? Infinite outrage for infinitely less carnage.

I watched just enough news today to turn it off in disgust. Remember the Kavanaugh hearings? Weren’t there a lot of lefty protesters following congressional members around, yelling in their faces and sitting on the ground outside their offices? How did they get in? Did someone give them all special access? We see them in House and Senate hearings all the time. It’s only natural that most of the people who entered those areas yesterday thought it was equally natural/access for them to be there. I didn’t notice any buildings, or anything else, set on fire, but I did notice some familiar Antifa techniques used to gain access, and once the doors were opened, peaceful protesters walked in. But they were compared to the British burning buildings, including the White House, during the War of 1812? There’s no comparison, to either this Summer or any war.

The left stole this election, they know it, and Biden is their lap dog. We’ll soon witness just how well he woofs, and how the rest of the country howls.