With the last quarter’s GDP growth number at 33+%, “we’re riding Secretariat, and some people want to change horses”? Please! Stupidity knows no bounds does it? But so many millions of us are trusting that President Trump pulls this election off with a big win so we can really see how good this country can be when it’s not being dragged down by Democrats.

Both candidates are making their final pushes this weekend and through Tuesday to see who comes out on top. I’m hoping it’s the American country and her people by electing a President that puts both first.

Below is the first Trump rally today. Will put others here as well as the day and weekend wears on.


Today is November 1st and President Trump will be speaking at 4-5 rallies. Will post them here below if available. The first one is in Michigan and scheduled for 11 AM ET.

And here coming up is Trump’s 2nd rally of the day. This one in Dubuque, Iowa.

The President’s 3rd rally today is in Hickory, NC. That live stream is below.

Now it’s off to Georgia! Rally number 4 for Nov 1, 2020.

And finally, number 5 for the day, which will probably stretch into tomorrow, ET.

It’s now Nov 2, and here is Trump’s rally in Traverse City, Michigan.

Next stop Kenosha, Wisconsin.

And finally, Grand Rapids, Michigan!