How about a thread with an all important theme? Other than God, can you think of one more meaningful than family? Spouse, kids, parents, siblings? Those are the closest and most immediate, at least they are for me.

Our families spread out from there to in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins, and most of us have a few people who mean enough to us to also consider them family.

I’ve several days of vacation time coming up where I’ll be heading into the fairly deep south to see my Mom, sister, and probably a brother or two. Will also spend time with my wife on her birthday as well as our 33rd anniversary. During the 9 days I have off I will also be with Mom when she turns 88. On Thanksgiving I’ll be at my youngest daughter’s house. Weeeeeee!

If you’d like to post some music, try to make it about family in some way.