Nothing excites North Michiganders quite like the explosion of primary colors, warm sunshine, and temperatures above 60F! We’re even going to hit 70F next week. My oh my, have been waiting many moons for this! 

Am writing this on Thursday (day off) and it is such a beautiful day. Have been outside picking up sticks and branches while my riding mower battery is being charged. Some chipmunks left a bunch of broken acorn shells in the air intake so I had to vacuum it out. Pardon my French but I’m gonna have to shoot some of those acorn crackin’, tunnel diggin’, varmints, and say, “adieu”.

Restaurants and retailers can “officially” open in Northern Michigan Friday morning after 12:01 AM. Perhaps you’ve heard of that 77 year old barber in Michigan who defied Gov Whitmer’s order to stay closed? When he didn’t, they yanked his license. Today in court the presiding judge ruled that he could stay open. Nanny nanny booboo, Whiplash Whitmer! A big fat whomp up side the head for you!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, also known as the unofficial start of Summer 2020. People are just aching and itching to get out, and I hope they do. You too.

It’s now Friday and even warmer and more beautiful than yesterday. Temps are predicted to hit 66F today as businesses open and the holiday weekend gets underway.

Happy unleashed music is in order, in every genre under the sun.