Spring is beginning in our part of Michigan, and opening up new but still annually familiar outdoor activities. As temps warm into the 40’s and 50’s I am resuming my walking, and soon my biking. Am determined to get some kayaking and fishing in this year. More photography too.

Am guessing your temps will hit 90 before we get well into the 60’s. The 90+ brand of days eschew this part of the country, like snowbirds in January and February. March is a good name for the first month of Spring, I think maybe because it takes fairly well ordered and deliberate steps towards Summer to the not so silent cadence of God’s creation. The laughter of children, who’ve moved their games outdoors. The musical language of birds, and the sounds rain makes. The smell of last year’s leaves being burned around the neighborhood. That is, the ones still on the ground when covered by cold cotton which morphed to mere moisture. People turn soil and plant gardens, of both food and flower. Those are for looks, likes, and three types of tastes. You know, for the eyes, the nose, and all those buds that live in your mouth, and love the word, yummy.

Here’s hoping you take every bit of advantage of this burgeoning season.