Well, today is the first day of my 9 day vacation. It’s set aside to celebrate wife’s 52nd birthday, our 34th anniversary, and my Mom’s 90th birthday. Then come the big holidays of Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas, in so many ways, the most wonderful time of the year, albeit during a year when our country is being run by the worst administration in my lifetime.

One thing I’m wishing for, and hope to be thankful, is for the 6th District Court of Appeals to rule like the 5th District has, i.e., to strike down Biden’s vaccine mandate. The 5th District doesn’t include Michigan. It’s part of the 6th District, along with Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky, but have already ruled in favor of athletes at WMU who wanted to refuse that University’s vaccine mandate. The heartening aspect there, is that it was a unanimous decision. Bodes well for a pending lawsuit against the Federal mandate, issued by, and enforced, by OSHA.

My opinion is that this Biden mandate, funneled through OSHA, is not going to stand, but the courts may not act swiftly enough to matter for millions of workers who just want to continue doing what they do, without coercive, medically invasive, dictates, from power mad psychos.

Anyway, Biden’s not in control of anything, other than (maybe) a tiny percentage of his own bodily functions. However, the American people, as they have on so many previous occasions, will rise up and swat down, this leftist cadre of would-be freedom snatchers. So…kick it!!!