Next Friday is Halloween Eve, but this Friday is past peak color time in North Michigan, and it was psychedelic.

Fall fell like a huge box of fruit loops, skittles, and lifesavers, spilled all about. Oh, we’re suckers and sweet tarts for this time of year here.

A Godsent, rainbow, eye-candy-gram, that all received for smiles and miles around.

He can goose and caboose ya with colors like fuchsia!

There are scores of Fall pictures I’ve taken around Northern Michigan over the past few years during what I call my “photo walks”. The ones above from the cemetery are all from this month. Here are some others you may have seen before.



Compared to yours our Fall’s further along, but now it’s time to break into song. I suppose the theme is color, Fall, God, and beauty?




Ok, your turn.