So, why call Fall and Winter “Crunch Time”? Well, the leafy ground cover for starters. We do the old left-right shuffle through them, and our feet strikes up the crunch band. Burning them makes more of a crackly-crunch sound. Then comes the snow, which makes a somewhat muted, squeeky-crunch as we walk through it leaving footprints which remain. Some of us have cold weather gear that makes it’s own scratchy-crunch when we move around in it.

Another seasonal crunch comes from biting into fresh, crisp apples straight from the tree. There’s popcorn for munching, crunching, and stringing this year’s Tannenbaum. The wrapping and unwrapping sounds from Christmas gifts along with happy little bursts of laughter, and maybe even a, “Weeeeee!” from old and young alike.

Let’s be thankful for all that we have and all those people who mean so much to us. Now it’s time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and another year to enjoy our friends, families, and God’s creation, through all of our senses.

Hey! What’s this? Candy canes? CRUNCH!