Super entrepreneur, Elon Musk recently told some California government folks that he was going to open his Tesla car factory despite their current prohibitions. He said he would be working on the line along with his other employees, and asked that if anyone was arrested, that it be he and he alone.

This is the kind of civil disobedience needed in this country right now. We are being shammed and shamed for exercising our desires to honor the promises granted us in our Constitution. We shouldn’t be forced to go to work if we are, or feel, vulnerable to this seemingly all encompassing virus, but neither should be forced to stay closed, stay home, and/or remain permanently afraid. 

Not sure which video to begin with here, but will start with the Right Angle one before hearing from Musk himself in an interview he gave a couple of days before opening his Tesla plant in California in defiance of local officials. “Message received” indeed, and you’ll discover what that means shortly.