Bill Whittle and The Art of the Snub.

Bill Whittle and The Art of the Snub.

Did you watch Biden being sworn in? Neither did I. Neither did Bill. He, me, you, and tens of millions of Americans don’t and didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

But before Bill’s video, here’s Trump’s final farewell, along with Melania, just before heading home to Florida.


And here’s Bill Whittle.




President Trump Speaks at the Alamo in San Antonio Today.

President Trump Speaks at the Alamo in San Antonio Today.

The President is in Texas today near the border wall, at the historic Alamo. It’s been a few days since we’ve heard anything from him. And big tech has cut him off venues like Facebook, Twitter and many others.

It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say. Am guessing he’ll be trying to present a calm presence while being proud of the accomplishments he and his administration have achieved, including all those hundreds of miles of border wall. The live stream is below and should be able to be replayed if missed when given.


“You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go to Waste”! Rahm Emanuel.

“You Never Want a Serious Crisis to Go to Waste”! Rahm Emanuel.

Wow! Where to begin? Where to end? We might begin with a quote from Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. It provides the opportunity to do things that were not possible to do before.” The crisis in 2020 was Covid 19, and leftist’s heads quickly collided into one “eureka” idea. They brainstormed with what brains they could muster, and coalesced around some ideas. One of those was to print and send out millions of ballots to everyone whether requested or not…oh, and while at the printing presses, print waaay more than enough just in case. Another one was to change election “laws”, by state officials rather than members of state legislatures, as is legal and customary. So, illegal, and other than customary accommodations for Covid 19 were cobbled together. The crisis was such that every opportunity, rather than merely many, were available for use and exploitation. So, they were all used and exploited.

The crisis was not serious enough to clamp down on an entire Summer of burning, looting, and attacking innocent citizens though. That was cool. Only those held to a higher standard were locked down, while their businesses and communities were burned down, both physically and financially, I mean, what’s the difference? Either way owners lost them. The lame stream media applauded the thousands of acts of arson and physical violence from their side. They even set up special funds to bail them out of jail. No outrage there. But for those locked down, held to a higher standard, folks? Infinite outrage for infinitely less carnage.

I watched just enough news today to turn it off in disgust. Remember the Kavanaugh hearings? Weren’t there a lot of lefty protesters following congressional members around, yelling in their faces and sitting on the ground outside their offices? How did they get in? Did someone give them all special access? We see them in House and Senate hearings all the time. It’s only natural that most of the people who entered those areas yesterday thought it was equally natural/access for them to be there. I didn’t notice any buildings, or anything else, set on fire, but I did notice some familiar Antifa techniques used to gain access, and once the doors were opened, peaceful protesters walked in. But they were compared to the British burning buildings, including the White House, during the War of 1812? There’s no comparison, to either this Summer or any war.

The left stole this election, they know it, and Biden is their lap dog. We’ll soon witness just how well he woofs, and how the rest of the country howls.


Parler, MeWe, and Newsmax Collecting the Disenfranchised.

Parler, MeWe, and Newsmax Collecting the Disenfranchised.

With Facebook and Twitter’s escalating censorship, especially in the run-up to this year’s presidential election, to wit, the refusal to allow the New York Post to spread the fact-based story about Hunter and other Bidens, including Sleepy Joe, and the post-election period regarding voter fraud, people are flocking to similar but alternative sites. Parler instead of Twitter, and MeWe instead of Facebook.

Having never been a personal user of either Facebook or Twitter, I won’t be missing anything, but what they did makes me bristle with indignation. Four your information, Dan Bongino owns Parler.

A lot of people are peeved at Fox News too for calling the race in Joe Biden’s favor and repeating that BS mantra of “there’s no evidence”, when obviously, there most certainly is.

As you know, I’m going on vacation for several days, and am beginning that vacation at the end of my shift tomorrow. Am not bringing my laptop with me, so I won’t be able to post any new threads until Nov 22 at least.

So, Just wanted to leave this thread with the Newsmax live stream which you can watch just as if you get their channel on cable.

This Is It! Election Night 2020 Trump vs Biden! Live Coverage!

This Is It! Election Night 2020 Trump vs Biden! Live Coverage!

What an important, historic day this is. Do we stay the strong capitalist course with Trump, or start the slide into socialism with the left wing Biden puppet? I would certainly like to celebrate and breath several heavy sighs of relief with a solid Trump-Pence win. Want to at least keep the Senate too, who’ve protected us from some whacky Pelosi House crap.

I don’t think we’ll know for sure who won by late tonight, or even early tomorrow morning, but perhaps we’ll have a stronger inkling? I hope so. What I’ve heard so far from the Governor of Florida is that it’s looking quite promising there.

Fox News has some live election night coverage beginning at 7 PM ET, and I’m pretty sure at least a couple of us will want to sound off on this, that, and your Mother, before the sun rises. I will have to be awake before the sun rises tomorrow for work, so either I or late night Tin/LB will probably have the first say here on the 4th.

Until then though, say what you you wanna say, and feel free to play what you wanna play too. Live stream Fox News coverage is below!

RSBN has some actual audio/commentary included with their coverage.

Don’t know if you can see this or not below. It’s live Fox News as it is on the channel.

When You’re Riding Secretariat, You Don’t Change Horses!

When You’re Riding Secretariat, You Don’t Change Horses!

With the last quarter’s GDP growth number at 33+%, “we’re riding Secretariat, and some people want to change horses”? Please! Stupidity knows no bounds does it? But so many millions of us are trusting that President Trump pulls this election off with a big win so we can really see how good this country can be when it’s not being dragged down by Democrats.

Both candidates are making their final pushes this weekend and through Tuesday to see who comes out on top. I’m hoping it’s the American country and her people by electing a President that puts both first.

Below is the first Trump rally today. Will put others here as well as the day and weekend wears on.


Today is November 1st and President Trump will be speaking at 4-5 rallies. Will post them here below if available. The first one is in Michigan and scheduled for 11 AM ET.

And here coming up is Trump’s 2nd rally of the day. This one in Dubuque, Iowa.

The President’s 3rd rally today is in Hickory, NC. That live stream is below.

Now it’s off to Georgia! Rally number 4 for Nov 1, 2020.

And finally, number 5 for the day, which will probably stretch into tomorrow, ET.

It’s now Nov 2, and here is Trump’s rally in Traverse City, Michigan.

Next stop Kenosha, Wisconsin.

And finally, Grand Rapids, Michigan!