Flip Road, Zip Code, Wish You Were Here Mode. Friday Music.

Flip Road, Zip Code, Wish You Were Here Mode. Friday Music.

North Michigan Summers are like lingering shooting stars, meteor showers, and loitering comets. Birthdays which stretch into months. Annual pardons, reprieves, scattered X’s marking multiple getaways for folks fleeing heat, and year round residents welcoming some.

Extreme heat here is 90, and those be few. Lots of 70’s and low to mid 80’s. Big ships, fishing boats, and sail boats. Intense green, strutting seasonal stuff, aware it’s stepping time is fleeting time. So it shows while it can, Bigtime.

It shows what crayons aspire to show. Displays what palettes pretend to know. It kodachromes, kaleidoscopes, and changes to verbs. Inspires weeeeeees, wows, and permanence wishes. It comes to pass, while we beckon it stay. Reminds us of promises placed upon. Gonna do lists, with headings like: “for sure”, “without fail”, and remember to “don’t forget”.

Our Summers might be better than yours, but your Winters could win some points. Fall lives here though, in Splendor, near Spring and Summer, Flip Road, Zip Code, wish you were here mode.

Home and Family. Friday Music at PolitiBrew!

Home and Family. Friday Music at PolitiBrew!

This weekend I’ll be spending time with my wife and her elderly Uncle. Tanya already knows she prefers the house and town here over the big city. We’ll see how he feels about it. Eventually, or even sooner, he may well need to live here with both of us so we can both work and help him with daily activities. He’s been living where he lives for the past 60 years. Same house too. 

Home and family. New homes and newly discovered family. On Saturday we’ll be visiting our youngest daughter in Gaylord, Michigan. She has a new home we haven’t yet seen due to the Covid restrictions and such. She also usually works over 40 hours a week as a large chain full service restaurant manager. Our grandson Gideon works too…at playing, learning to read, growing, and accompanying Dad from time to time as he grows his own business.

Today Tanya will be driving up here from the southern part of the state, where she’ll be braving the rain. She prefers avoiding the interstate every time but the rain also makes her nervous. Am trusting our Heavenly Father to guide and protect her today as she once again migrates North, to the home we established together many years ago.

God speed and good music, friends. See you soon. Enjoy your weekend too, which begins tonight!

Twist, Turns, and Rotations. “The Way I Heard It”.

Oh, What a Ballsy Web He Weaves. Yikes! “The Way I Heard It”.

Back stories can be quite interesting and surprising. One never knows the sorts of things others have done in the relative privacy of their youth and interpersonal relationships.

This is such a story, and for some reason I guessed who one of the characters was before the final…”drop”. Yep, this one’s a queasy keeper 🙂

America! Never Giving Up! July 4th Weekend! Music Too!

America! Never Giving Up! July 4th Weekend! Music Too!

Independence. Our nation’s founding. It’s Declaration, Constitution, and those lofty ideals and guarantees enshrined within. Americans all over the world will be celebrating these things. Non-Americans with dreams of becoming such will continue dreaming and yearning to discover America for themselves.

Will uneducated and ill-educated rabble be able to tear down and remake America into something unrecognizable? No, and they plainly don’t recognize the self-destructing stupidity of their goals.

They don’t see how good they have it. How good they could have it, or how well the rest of us will have it. The American dream cannot be toppled or burnt down. It’s made of sterner stuff than statues and buildings. You can feel it, read about it, aspire to it, and achieve it. You can’t destroy it. It’s existence is independent of foolishness. It allows as much, but embraces and embodies wisdom and uncommon intelligence.


Most Americans are pursuing happiness rather than spreading anger. They prefer building not burning. It’s high time the malpractice continuing in the halls of education be beaten back. Indeed, it’s already beating itself back. The seeds sown there have produced a human harvest… a poison crop of crap.

Flags will keep waving, dreams will keep motivating, and bad ideas will self-consume, burning themselves out. America, like this weekend’s fireworks, is “going to reach for the sky, way up high”. If America were a female singer, she might sing something like this.

And here’s a link to tonight’s message from President Trump at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Click here to watch at 10 PM ET.

Taking Care of Business? Friday Night Music Politibrew!

Taking Care of Business? Friday Night Music Politibrew!

Sure, the business of caring for people! Some people are well paid for that, and others just barely get by. Those are the hands and hearts of direct care workers, who help folks manage the activities of daily life. Their biggest payoff? The appreciation and respect given them by those recipients. Doing for others is so often it’s own reward. That’s how it is for me. It’s the sort of job I would do for free if pay were not needed, but it is, and I do receive some for the earnest, ongoing, efforts. Thankfully, it’s enough, so far, because I can do without some things. Would have a difficult time doing without those people who rely on me though.

This morning my wife Tanya quit her nonrewarding supermarket job of 5 years, opting instead to spend much more time as a caregiver herself. A job where she can be more than a cog in a careless gearbox. When your job is caregiving the measure of appreciation you receive is palpable, and you become much more important to the people you work and care for. Everything you do is important and infinitely more meaningful. You’re no longer a number, or an ant in a porous, overpopulated, hill.

You don’t flash a big paycheck. You do flash frequent smiles. You also receive them. Your heart, compassion, and overwhelming desire to do good are employed. You feel happy more often. Joy hangs, walks, and rides around with you. Heck, it sets up housekeeping inside of you, and visits every day.

Here’s to caring for others, and making it your business to do good. You know, for people who need you. The list of things which might make you feel better is one I haven’t yet seen.

Loving care and tenderness. We all need it…both sides of it ♥