A Tribute to Rush Limbaugh From Bill Whittle.  Rest In Peace Rush.

A Tribute to Rush Limbaugh From Bill Whittle. Rest In Peace Rush.

We lost a giant and a legend this past week when Rush Limbaugh passed away. He will be sorely missed by tens of millions of people across this country and around the world.

I started listening to him in the early 90’s over the radio and tried to never miss an episode of his TV program too. Remember that? It was so entertaining, and quite funny at times. I just loved it. I used to have a friend who’d come over during his lunch hour and watch it with Tanya and I. That was during the time when I was in nursing school and often had that time available to watch. Was sad to see it go, but radio was his big thing, and nobody did it better.

He will indeed be missed. As Bill Whittle says in his his tribute video below, “He wasn’t just a giant; he was our giant”.




MARCH FOR LIFE! Together Strong: Life Unites!

MARCH FOR LIFE! Together Strong: Life Unites!

Today is the annual March For Life, and will be what they are calling a virtual event. There will be speakers and proponents participating from all over this country, and possibly others.

In the phrase, Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you notice that life comes first. This truth is found in our nation’s Declaration of Independence, begging the question, why is it not codified into law? Why is abortion still practiced and protected? To me it represents an evil which will be a permanent sin and immovable stain from this nation’s history.

The March For Life event can be watched live below. Hopefully it can be seen here even this evening when it’s over.


Bye Bye 2020. Hello 2021!

Bye Bye 2020. Hello 2021!

The year opened full of promise, and everyone called it 2020. Winter was just kicking into high gear with low temps, especially up here where I live. Then, right after my birthday in mid March, the word ‘lockdown’ was popularized, but has been anything but popular ever since, at least with people who weren’t also Democrats or Democrat Governors. ‘Democrat’…you know, that party which lives to control and suppress, which means “forcibly put an end to”.

So, for the rest of 2020, what did they forcibly put an end to? Well, for one thing, socialization, that thing they say homeschooling lacks. At that point, when they shut down public schools, public schooling lacked in every area, rather than merely most of them.

In other areas, we could eat on an airplane one foot from another person but not at a restaurant 8 feet from another one. Am not even going to ask the rhetorical question: Does that make sense?

You could go to WalMart and share that space with 1,000 others but not to McDonald’s to share that one with 20 others? “Essential workers” were singled out as more important, or as that guy who wrote Animal Farm would term, “more equal” than others. They could keep their jobs while waiters, waitresses, beauticians, small shop sales clerks, etc. were termed, expendable and unemployed. People residing in nursing homes were in short order, termed, deceased. Apparently they became the least essential of all.

Dear 2020, you sucked in sooo many ways, but some good things happened during you too, and most of us can name several good things that happened to them during the last 12 months, because no metaphoric bucket is ever bone dry, even when it has 2020 affixed to it.

We bid thee adieu, you predominantly foul year, and yearn to breathe unobstructed air. We want our lives back and are determined to have them.

Dear 2021, if you would be so kind as to help facilitate that, we’d truly appreciate it.


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s full on Christmas Season, friends! 21 days till Christmas Eve! This year though, I’m going to wake up Christmas morning with my wife right here beside me. Yep, we’ve not been together on Christmas for two years, and it would’ve been three if not for this year. I’m very thankful that Tanya’s Mom will be freeing her up from those Uncle responsibilities for several days so she can be with me (!), and probably most of our kids and grandkids. That alone makes this Christmas extra special!

I like ‘ye olde’ Christmas carols, that is, the traditional ones. Some written hundreds of years ago, and many during the first half of the 20th century. Am not into most of the newer ones, but could be convinced by one I’ve not yet heard.

One of the newer ones (relatively speaking) that I like, is of course, by Dan Fogelberg, which goes a little somethin’ like this…


My old love is still my love, thankfully, as is my love of all that old Christmas music. Here’s a link (below) to CBN’s traditional Christian Christmas music.

Traditional Christmas Music

So, since this thread will probably be the most recent one for a few days, enjoy the music with the pop-up Christmas radio, and feel free to post whatever you’d like in the comment section. Use this thread as your Friday Night Music place this weekend too.

My favorite Christmas song…


Here’s the Trump rally live from Georgia. Starts at approximately 7 PM ET.


What’s More Frightening Than Halloween 2020!? Friday Night Music?

What’s More Frightening Than Halloween 2020!? Friday Night Music?

Hey, you little devils! Tomorrow is Halloween but tonight is Devil’s Night. Witches, demons, goblins, and ghosts will be at play, and tomorrow people of all ages will be wearing more masks than ever, all around the world. Masks of a different sort, however, designed not to frighten but repel tiny things you can’t see.

There’s a monstrous scenario facing this country 3 days after Halloween. The possibility that the left gains more control over our lives. Oh, that would be an insidious invasion, attacking everything we hold dear. Scary indeed.

I voted in person yesterday while wearing a mask, but unveiled my true colors, hopes, and prayers, on that ballot. And we’ll once again see what sort of people populate this country as votes are counted.

This is a Halloween we’ve not seen before. Am guessing the candy and costume industry are braced for big nosedives in sales, like bobbing for apples while trying to keep heads above water.

I’m not frightened by witches and such, unless you include some of those on the left, all of which appear possessed by the far left to me. They can ruin our lives with evil ideas, and can induce a very dark Winter, followed by seasons of downturns, morphing golden years into declining days.

But enough of political nightmare. Good can seize the day and spread for years. In fact, it will. So I’m going to lighten and listen up, as we indulge spirits of our better angels, while letting the macabre run free for a couple of nights.

In some places, trick or treating will be done from cars. We’ll be doing that here in addition to allowing door to door treating for a couple of hours.

Bwahahahaha! The following is a tale from North Michigan…