And just like that the pandemic is a thing of the past and pretty much a non-entity now that the protests and rioting have snatched the headlines and 24/7 news cycles. Just when so many businesses were ready to open back up, and some had only recently done so, they’re vandalized, robbed, burned, and ruined.

The evil act of one bad cop, along with the acquiescence of 3 others gave the radical left a new vehicle and platform from which to further ruin our country. A method of tearing it up faster. Tearing it up by actually tearing it up. Ostensibly, “helping” the black community by destroying the cities and towns where they live. Taking away the places where they work, shop, and play. Physically burning them down. Making them more dependent on government.

When does the radical left ever help those they purport to help? They never seem to lift them up, but are so very adept at pushing them down. Had you been one of those other cops present you would’ve said, “Ok, get off him”, as soon as he was down and cuffed. After 30 seconds, you would’ve started yelling and pushing him off. After 45 seconds, you’d have taken your baton and knocked knee-cop’s head off with it, wouldn’t you? But 8 minutes and 49 seconds of watching that? C’mon man! How could you let that monster do such a thing? The time for picking him up and taking him downtown passed 8 and 1/2 minutes ago. The time for getting that knee off his neck passed before it began.

Am I angry about what happened? Yes. Are you? Of course you are. But we’re also angry about the further harm and ongoing destruction. The other knees on so many other necks. Do thousands of other wrongs make anything right? No, it makes the wrong worse and spreads it around. It chokes the life out of so many innocent others.

Thousands of right acts would go much further than perpetuating the wrong. Punishing the guilty alone rather than also the innocent. Seems to me that if we’re going to play any music at all, it ought be about doing right. About spreading the love rather than fueling some hate. About building things up rather than burning them down. Appealing to our better angels.

“You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right…”