Time for another Mike Rowe podcast…you know, “The Way I Heard It”? Am thinking you’ll probably guess it a little over halfway through.

I hope life has been getting back to normal for you in that town you call home. My wife and eldest daughter each started back at work yesterday. Tanya walked a total of 13.5 miles doing her job on Monday. That’s like 4.5 hours of continuous walking during an 8 hour shift, and she’s glad to be getting the exercise after all that time off.

It’s nice to be able to go to the places of business that have recently reopened, and it’s so much better for everyone to work for a living rather than getting “free checks”. At my job we are expecting good sized bonuses in July for each hour worked during the shutdown. I doubt I’ll be purchasing any of those items Rowe talks about in the following story though 🙂