You’ve probably heard talk about Pelosi’s “Covid Relief” plan, and might be looking forward to another $1,600 from the U.S. Government, i.e., from yourself to yourself, or from your neighbor to yourself. But do you realize how heinous and brazen it truly is? Do you know what percentage of the 1.9 trillion dollars is to be set aside for some bit of relief that could at least loosely be described as, somewhere within the broad realm/outer edges of covid relief?

Whittle takes it apart, breaks it down, and hits who he calls The Red Queen right in the face with piechart. It’s much less tasty than some of our traditional/classic pies, like apple, blueberry, lemon, or key lime, but still faceable, at least, when in your face, but alas, you’ll not be able to stomach it.

Here’s Bill with the big fat skinny.