Hey, you little devils! Tomorrow is Halloween but tonight is Devil’s Night. Witches, demons, goblins, and ghosts will be at play, and tomorrow people of all ages will be wearing more masks than ever, all around the world. Masks of a different sort, however, designed not to frighten but repel tiny things you can’t see.

There’s a monstrous scenario facing this country 3 days after Halloween. The possibility that the left gains more control over our lives. Oh, that would be an insidious invasion, attacking everything we hold dear. Scary indeed.

I voted in person yesterday while wearing a mask, but unveiled my true colors, hopes, and prayers, on that ballot. And we’ll once again see what sort of people populate this country as votes are counted.

This is a Halloween we’ve not seen before. Am guessing the candy and costume industry are braced for big nosedives in sales, like bobbing for apples while trying to keep heads above water.

I’m not frightened by witches and such, unless you include some of those on the left, all of which appear possessed by the far left to me. They can ruin our lives with evil ideas, and can induce a very dark Winter, followed by seasons of downturns, morphing golden years into declining days.

But enough of political nightmare. Good can seize the day and spread for years. In fact, it will. So I’m going to lighten and listen up, as we indulge spirits of our better angels, while letting the macabre run free for a couple of nights.

In some places, trick or treating will be done from cars. We’ll be doing that here in addition to allowing door to door treating for a couple of hours.

Bwahahahaha! The following is a tale from North Michigan…