Hi! It’s been a while. Nine days of vacation and a couple more to catch up on work etc. after my return. I’m sorry about that. What a good time amidst upheaval and widespread disappointment though. I wonder if anyone on the right or left believes this was an honest election. The left doesn’t care though, and will take what power they can by hook or crook. For me, there’s just no way Biden or some of those other democrats won, especially the Senator in Michigan who kept his seat against John James. They definitely did not let the covid crisis go to waste did they?

But now the holiday season is upon us. First comes Thanksgiving, and regardless of what’s going on in politics I have many things to be thankful for, excluding that, and so do you, even if there’s sadness and righteous indignation mixed in with some of it.

I hope you’ll be thankful and grateful. This is how someone put it in a psychiatric article I read today: “The Oxford Dictionary defines the word grateful as ‘showing an appreciation of kindness’ This is where the difference lies; being thankful is a feeling, and being grateful is an action.” Interesting, huh? Had not considered the two words in that exact way, which is why I looked up, “the difference between thankful and grateful”, and found the article.

I’ll be at my youngest daughter’s house today for Thanksgiving. Her husband, my son, and grandson will be there too. I love all of those people, and will feel thankful and act grateful, both with sincerity.

Ours is a rich tradition of Thanksgiving in this country, and one of those is food in abundance, on tens of millions of tables the same day. This year, however, the typical abundance of family members will be missing at most of those tables. Our immediate family has a video get-together in addition to the physical gathering of some of us.

Happy Thanksgiving and the kick-off to this year’s holy holiday season.