Spring, birthdays, late season snow and ice storms, war, crashing stock markets, and spiraling prices. Our current President is not the cause of some of those things, but indeed the direct cause of half. For some folks, buyer’s remorse for voting this “never-was” into office should be reaching peak remorse. For others who knew in advance, thanks to basic wisdom, and a noticeable absence of that rampant fool gene, which plagues so many, are remorseful about the prices of pretty much everything they need to buy to get by.

To somehow think that Biden voters did not vote against their own self interest, as well as the interests of virtually everyone else, one would need a vivid imagination, to be sure, even a warped definition of the word. I wonder how much they like watching their retirement accounts shrink, or their wage increases at work (if they received any) simply erode to less than nothing. Are they pleased to see freedom loving people, both here and in Ukraine, struggle with their very lives and/or livelihoods? Surely they did not get what they paid for, did they? The rest of us got what they played for. They played like they were getting a President which would be better somehow than the last one. That word “better” must mean something completely different to them too. It’s all such a sad, make you mad, ditch, the world has been driven into, by you-know-who and crew.

We’ll all be needing some powerful tow trucks. We just have to wait till November to give them a call, and hope those calls make it through.

As difficult as it is to set all that aside, at least up here in North Michigan we have snow melting during the day and turning into ice at night, as Spring and Winter begin fighting it out once again. Yep, as some of us often say up in these parts, “It may be cold, but at least it’s windy”…you know, so you can feel it in your bones. But, we try to make the best of it, and look for the humor within it. And during this time of year, many of us, including myself, have a birthday and gain another year notch. This one will be the big Six Oh(!) for me. So, let me just take a deep breath and pretend to mean it when I say, Weeeeeee(!) and try to decide if it’s uphill or downhill from here.

It’ll probably be both, but I’ll certainly work at making the best of it 🙂