Alone But Not Alone

This movie comes out within a month from today. I want to see it. You want to see it too, although you might not know that yet. Let's all see it together and send a message that we want to see more movies like this.


It gives God the glory. Love that. Please support Christian-themed movies. We always will.

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Joe Boot: The Bible and Christianity's Influence In The World

Below is a partial Christian sermon by a Canadian pastor named Joe Boot. He speaks about how The Bible and Christianity began education in Europe as well as the many disciplines of science and scientific discovery which have made the world so much better. It established and built hospitals, schools, orphanages, charities, and ended slavery through the efforts of William Wlberforce and others.

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Tune Out and Turn Up

Everybody has those days when you just feel overwhelmed by life. Mine, now that our kids are grown, are usually caused by the state our nation is in. I have never been so afraid for our country as I am now...I talk to people from all generations who have that same feeling.

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Nation Needs Divine Intervention

Ted Cruz takes the stage with his Dad. Taking turns speaking, loving on one another and then offerring up a prayer for our nation, among many other important pressing issues.

I've seen Ted and his father speak many times. One can see where Ted gets his gift from. It's also very interesting to note the cuban accent Ted's father still has.

Lets join these men in praying for our nation if you please.

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