The Brave German Christian Woman Rebuking Islam

8-18-14 7:28 PM EST: Have you heard about this German woman in Speyer, Germany who stood up in church and rebuked Islam? This was a magnificent church built in the honor of Martin Luther, and Jesus Christ of course, but it commemorates the Reformation which began in Germany.

The church had actually invited an Imam to the church. It was a "peace concert" of sorts, and during the program, an Imam was allowed to stand up and perform the Islamic call to prayer. That was just too much for this woman, who was raised an atheist in Eastern Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. She is no longer an atheist, and had a real problem with Islam having a voice in a Christian church. She is firmly against what she terms the slow Islamization of Germany.

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Thousands of People Surrounded By IS in Northern Iraq: Updates

8-8-14 8:35 AM EST: The Telegraph UK has several good pictures of the religious minorities who are members of a sect related to ancient Zoroastrianism which began in Iran. These people are said to be surrounded by IS and the Telegraph has many updates in this article. There are many Christians there too. IS wants to kill all of them of course, and Obama has finally announced that the U.S. will help them.

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I'm From The Government. I'm Here To Rewrite Your Sermon.

8-18-14 12:40 PM EST: Like Hell you are! Parts of the government seem to be ever bent on blurring the lines between free speech and political speech. Isn't political speech also free speech, or could it become very expensive speech? The very active, in your face, Freedom From Religion group, doesn't want religion anywhere, even in churches. They, and groups like them, have attacked religion all over the place. Schools, colleges, the workplace, department stores, CEO's, television stars and programs, why not go right into into the church?

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Rescuing Christians And Other Non-Muslim Iraqis? Nobody.

8-7-14 2:05 PM thru 6:50 PM EST: With Several Updates Added! Who or what is going to stop ISIS? Hunderds of Non-Muslims are being slaughtered. Christians are fleeing. One man near the Kurdish region was forced to convert and was then beheaded.

Men, women, and children are pleading for help and are wondering where it might come from. And what about the current Iraqi government and military of Iraq? Is there even such a thing? I've read reports of of an airstrike or two but that's about it.

Two CNN videos below. Look at the scenes and listen to the people. Neither bear what should be resemblances of a modern world. It's more like a bunch of 7th century cretins have been transported to 2014.

Will anyone stop ISIS?

(CNN) -- If you're following the news about ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, you might think you've mistakenly clicked on a historical story about barbarians from millennia ago.


In a matter of months, the group seized  territory in both Iraq and Syria and declared an Islamic caliphate, celebrating its own shocking slaughter along the way.

"I don't see any attention from the rest of the world," a member of the Yazidi minority in Iraq told the New Yorker. "In one day, they killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, 'Save Gaza, save Gaza.'"

In Syria, the group hoisted some of its victims severed heads on poles. One of the latest videos of the savagery shows a Christian man forced to his knees, surrounded by masked militants, identified in the video as members of ISIS. They force the man at gunpoint to "convert" to Islam. Then, the group beheads him.

ISIS has targeted members of numerous minority groups in the region, including Christian nuns, Turkmen and Shabaks, according to Human Rights Watch.

France called Thursday for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council. Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said his country is "highly concerned about the latest progress of ISIS in the north of Iraq and by the taking of Qaraqosh, the largest Christian city of Iraq, and the horrible acts of violence that are committed."

The United States is considering emergency air drops to help thousands of stranded Yazidis, a U.S. Defense official told CNN. The department also is weighing "other military options" to provide humanitarian support, a senior State Department official said.

Earlier this week, ISIS fighters tried to...





White House now "considering" what to do about the possible genocide which could take place in Iraq, and by genocide I mean, more genocide, as some has already occurred. Chris Wallace joins in on this one. As you might guess, the White House is "monitoring" all this, like your standard hall monitor I suppose.

There's a battle over a major dam too, and if ISIS gets control of that they could flood many cities in Iraq including Baghdad. That will surely call for some extra intense White House monitoring, along with several more hours or days of dithering, pontificating, indecision, and, uh, let's see...oh yeah, more genocide.


Update: Militant takeover of Iraq’s largest Christian city, mountaintop siege fuel calls for aid

It's been reported that 7 kids have already died on that mountain. It's a mountain the people there think Noah's Ark landed on way back when. Based on this latest video with Shep Smith, it sounds as if ISIS has already taken that dam with which they could flood cities killing millions of people. At least that's how I interpreted what Smith was saying. Wow. Time to kick the monitoring up a notch. God help those folks.



The above is just further proof of what a non-prescient big fat stupid lying nothing this guy is. He doesn't even risew to the level of an empty suit.

Obama Weighs Airstrikes or Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis, Officials Say 

(This NYT story above says 40 children have already died)

6:26 PM EST Update: There are reports floating around that the U.S. has bombed ISIS a couple of times. The Pentagon has denied those reports. The NYT ran that story earlier, apparently based on Kurdish reports. The link the NYT had to that story no longer goes to that story but to another, which still says that the White House is "considering" doing something. They must've jumped the gun based on wishful Obama thinking. You know, Obama, who is still thinking, and stinking.

"The Pentagon firmly denied that American forces had begun a bombing campaign. But Pentagon officials said it was possible that allies of the United States, either the Iraqi or Turkish militaries, had conducted the bombing." (NYT)

OBAMA WEIGHS AIRSTRIKES, AID TO HELP TRAPPED IRAQIS "Decision expected 'imminently – this could be a fast-moving train'

Uh huh...G.W. Bush is looking quite good right now by comparison.


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Kurds Are Now Training Yazidis To Defend Themselves: Good.

8-18-14 10:06 AM EST: The Kurds, American allies for decades, are training the Yazidis in the use of arms and tactics so they might defend themselves and take back their homes. That's a good thing I think. Yet at the risk of being flippant, I must say that every time I hear the word Kurds, it makes me think of cheese. No whey! Whey.

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Hamas Enhancing Carnage Scenes And Threatening Reporters

8-7-14 1:12 PM EST: Hamas doctors up scenes by getting there ahead of reporters. They toss around burnt pages of the Koran and prayer rugs etc. in the other war against Israel. The PR war, which many dopes and dupes seem to fall for. Some journalism is actually getting out though as a few journalists have witnessed and written about Hamas tactics.

Journalists are threatened by Hamas to report certain things and not report other things they know would imperil their PR and show them as the crazed monsters they truly are. Many journalists are afraid to report info that would paint Hamas with true brush strokes.

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OneToTheThird? What's The Meaning And Purpose Of That?

8-16-14 9:00 AM EST: OneToTheThird is one of our trademark Christian witnessing tools. It's designed to get folks to ask you what it means while you're sporting it.

So, what does it mean? Well, first of all, it displays the Cross of Christ. Second, it speaks to the concept of the Holy Trinity, and third, it describes the Trinity in mathematical terms. Finally, and this is a bonus...if you look at it carefully, you'll see that the three T's also depict the three crosses of Calvary.

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Let's Take A Walk Through Jerusalem With Hannity and Dore Gold

8-7-14 8:56 AM EST: Dore Gold gave Sean Hannity a tour through Old Jerusalem and Hannity aired this last evening. It is a very interesting piece full of history you may not be aware of.

I found this very informative. It was cool seeing all of those ancient sites and buildings. One thing I learned is that the Emperor Hadrian in the second century made it illegal for Jews to live in Jerusalem but would allow them to return once a year. It was at that time, they would come to what is now called The Wailing Wall.

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More Miracles Related From Israeli Soldier: Awesome God Stuff!

8-5-14 4:19 PM EST: Now this is a very interesting read. You're an Israeli soldier at your Iron Dome missile battery post. The system's computer senses an incoming rocket from Gaza, calculates windspeed, trajectory, and discovers it's going to hit a major building where there will surely be many casualties. The Irone Dome fires one of it's missiles, it misses, yikes! It fires another and it too misses, very unusual for that system. Innocent Israeli citizens are going to die.

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