12-25-17 10:12 AM EST: Light snow floating down here all morning so far with revised low temp predictions of 2F tonight and again tomorrow night. Am very thankful for a functioning furnace! I hope everyone is recalling and retelling the Christmas story today. You can find it in Luke chapter two. That's the one we usually read on Christmas Eve and day.

The ultimate gift, laid in that manger, became the one true savior for all of mankind. Free to be accepted or rejected. The light of the world, Heaven, and all of eternity. He lived, taught, performed miracles, and gave His own earthly life to take everyone's punishment upon Himself. But He began that human existence, fully God, and fully human, as a miraculously conceived baby in Bethlehem amidst the lowliest of surroundings. No castle, no modest house, but a stable. His newborn resting place, a little feed trough we call a manger, which Merriam-Webster defines as "a trough or open box in a stable designed to hold feed or fodder for livestock". A feed trough...containing that which sustains. He who sustains.


Wow, the sun is shining bright now. In the Winter up here, when the skies clear, the temperatures drop...bigtime, and usually drop even lower than the prediction. Am counting, from experience, on it being approximately zero degrees tonight. Yep! No degrees whatsoever!

Our girls live much closer to Lake Michigan than we do on the coast of Huron, and they are looking at 10 or so inches of snow today and tomorrow. They always receive much more snow than we do here on "the sunrise side" of the northern Michigan mitt. We were hoping to go there today and have dinner with them and extended family, but all we have is a little Chrysler convertible that we could count on for the there and return trip, so have chosen to stay safe, non-stranded, and here.

There's approximately one restaurant open in town today, and they will be serving a huge Christmas buffet till about 8 PM EST. That's where we will probably go. It's about 3 miles from here.


Our oldest daughter and hubby got OUR 2 grand daughters new pajamas which they opened and donned last night before going to their Christmas Eve beds. That's a tradition we had with our kids as well, and they naturally picked it up. Each kid would get a brand new pair of jammies every Christmas Eve. After they opened those presents and put them on, it was time to go to sleep so St. Nick could come, unobserved :-)

How has your day been so far? What are you planning for the rest of it? Stop in and wish others a Merry Christmas if you can. It only takes a minute.

May Jesus be praised all over the world, all day and all night.


And here are our military branches sharing Christmas Cheer.

Merry Christmas, friends! LOVE!


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