12-22-17 10:23 AM EST: Am supposing a few of you might have today off for a long Christmas weekend. Either that, or this is your last day at work until at least Tuesday.

Am also hoping to have a nice Friday Night Music thread here this evening. But want to start the day off with a video from CBN (I love them) with a family who really does Christmas up in lights, music, charity, and absolutely includes their next generation.


Mrs Brew and I really enjoyed having our youngest Daughter and Grandson here on Wednesday and Thursday. What a joy that was. Our two Grand daughters and oldest Daughter are precious beyond words. Both of those Daughters are homeschooling their kids, just as we did for them when they were little. Those first few school age years were/are paramount, and probably the biggest joy of my life was teaching all three of our kids (2 Daughters and our only begotten Son) to read. Not just read, but spell, and both, extremely well.

I was tough on them, but in a very loving and fun way. Often, when they got something extra difficult, right, I would hoist them up and have a miniature parade. That made the other two want their own little parades. They got them. Lots of them. A lot of, "Oh c'mon! You can do better than that", too!

We've always received lots of love from them, and they understand much better now why we were the way we were. They find themselves saying many of the exact same things we said to them as they were growing up. Their kids are extremely loving as well. Our nighttime mantra was always, "Nite nite, luv ya', see ya' in the mornin'!"...as we gave hugs and kisses, aka, "zips and snaps".

Are they doctors, lawyers, or engineers? No, they are in the restaurant, home improvement, and furniture business. Doing some online stuff too...but so much more important...they are happy, and we thank God for that, along with anything we may have had to do with that. I love 'em so much it makes me want to burst sometimes...but that would make a yucky mess, so I try to contain myself :-)

This is Christmas weekend, and it seems like just a year ago we had something similar. We need it too...repeatedly. I wish for you, one of your best ones ever. The greatest gift ever was LOVE! God is Love! If you can give anything at all to anyone, make sure LOVE tops your list. That's the gift that remains.

Hugs and Kisses on the cheek and forehead, and depending on who it is...right on the mouth :-)

More later ♥

And here's your 24/7 Traditional Christmas music clickable pop-up....and guess what? It's about Christ! No way! Way!!! Are there some secular Christmas songs there too. Sure! :-)



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