12-14-17 6:57 PM EST: "Don't Stop Believing" is the most downloaded song in history. From CBN today is the man who wrote that song. His name isn't Steve Perry, but he was in the band, Journey for many years. Not sure if he still is or not. The video doesn't speak to that. It does speak to a few other important things though.

His name is Jonathon Cain and he's both a piano and guitar player, as well as singer and songwriter. He is also the man who wrote the most downloaded song ever that time.


First, let's watch and listen to the CBN/700 Club Interactive video below.

If you don't know who his wife is, just type in a search on Paula White. He married her rather late in life.

This is a song from the album Jonathon Cain speaks of in the video above.

There are several songs from that new album on YT. Just search, "Jonathon Cain, This is the Heart of Christmas" for many more.

He also speaks about an old Billy Graham sermon called, The Heart of Christmas, which inspired him to write the album consisting of 10 new songs and 4 traditional ones. I couldn't find that sermon, but I did find a short Christmas sermon from 1953, given from Graham's home office at the age of 35, and a brand new program from Franklin Graham about Christmas. I sure would like to go to the Billy Graham Library in North Carolina where Billy Graham also lives and is in his 100th year of life.

Here is that old sermon and then that new program, in that order.



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