12-12-17 3:01 PM EST: Here's a new Mike Rowe "The Way I Heard It" with another surprise ending. After hearing who the person was, I was motivated to read up on him a bit, as admittedly I didn't know very much about him even though I've certainly heard of him.

I found the reading much more informative than the short podcast description of course, thereby adding some knowledge to my head, and I always like when that happens :-)


Mrs Brew and I went to her new cardiologist at 8 AM this morning. It was about 9F and is still only 11F at 2:30 in the PM. The wind was gusting to 25 mph or so and it was snowing. Kind of difficult to see through both the falling and blowing snow. At these temps the road scrapers do some scraping but don't bother with the salt, because even that won't melt the snow. The saving grace is that the snow is very dry and coarse, and much more grippy. Your windshield can ice up every 5 minutes too. Without the wind and some sunshine it would be ok out there even at these low temps, it's just that you can feel the cold in your soul during these conditions, and the snow is blowing in your face rather than falling gently on your head. I took this picture today during a slightly more calm period. Tomorrow the wind should calm way down.


Mrs Brew has to take a stress test with radioactive dye injected so they can get a better look at how her heart is working and such. She also got another 2 weeks off work or until they can better understand and treat the problem and hopefully come up with a remedy. She's been getting dizzy, easily winded and such. Some palpitations and a bit of a murmur too.

After hearing this brief portion of the young man's story, uniquely told, you probably know at least a little about how his life progressed from there. If not, Wikipedia has some interesting stuff about him.


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