7-16-17 11:35 AM EST: Hello on a Sunday July 16th! This is the third one of those rascals for us at PolitiBrew.com. Hope today offers up nothing but good things for you, and that you offer up some good things to Him who allowed you to enjoy it. You might even feel the need to offer some sideways good things to those within your peer sphere of influence. For example, I already let Mrs Brew know how great her hair looked early this morning. She really appreciated it :-)


I think Kellyanne Conway is just great, and have said as much at least thrice. Posted her speech at a major Pro-life event a few months ago too, which was just a tad bit better than awesome.

But early this weekend, The Family Leadership Summit 2017 had a thingamabob and Ms. Conway attended. The audio portion is fairly low though and I was unable to augment that. Need more video editing skills and/or software. You just need a tad more than half an hour to watch this if so inclined. If you still find the volume too low after kicking it up a few notches, add some headphones.

Having said all that, here it is...and by the way, you look mahvelous (!)...at least nothing a couple of brushes and a smile wouldn't cure :-)


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