7-14-17 2:07 PM EST: How about another one of those faith building CBN stories we like seeing and hearing about? OK. Here's a good one.


Ever pray like Paul's wife did? Ever been in Paul's position with a problem like this or one you felt was every bit as serious? There's but one place to go. Dr J, also known as The Great Physician.

By the way, Mrs Brew's friend who had that serious brain surgery several days ago was just told she could go back to work in August. Her name is Mandy.

"Put me in Coach! I'm ready to play!"

Football, baseball, job, parenting, husband, wife, kid...sacrifice plays of every sort. We make them and we recognize them. It's nice to know we have a muilti-talented "coach" who hears, answers, and often restores us to those vital and varied positions we signed up for...and still uses us when thrust into plays we didn't expect.


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