7-12-17 11:20 AM EST: Wanted to add this story too before taking a little break for a while. This story hits home for me, and reminds me of our first baby girl. She's our oldest "child" and will turn 30 next year. She also has two precious little girls.


Mrs Brew was giving birth and I was standing there just as helpless as a person could ever possibly be, watching that baby heart monitor stop and start and stop and start, with silent tears running down my face. I didn't realize how much a potentially new Dad could love someone he had never seen, spoken to, or met in any way, until then...but she and I had indeed met, and had been meeting several times per day for many months. I spoke to her through Mom's belly. Played guitar and sang to her too. I think the number of months were something like 9.

Our daughter Christa was a couple of days past due and weighed over 9 lbs, just like me. She too just wanted to stay there in that extra special place, but me and Momma wanted to meet her. Momma did most of the work, Christa did a lot of the work, and I just stood there, dehydrating and sweating bullets, white as a dripping bleached sheet.

If it appears I've tried to make this about me, please let me attempt to dispel that notion. This story just tapped into one of my own very personal moments of memory. One of those many times when all I could do was repeat the words, Save and Jesus, in various combinations...just as I have since I was a little kindergarten camper. Save me Jesus! Save us Jesus!

If you can watch this without getting at least one lump in your throat, then good for you. I just wanted to show it and tell of just one time I felt the same way this Dad felt.

Watch, then have a thankful blessed day yourself. Maybe the video will take you back to one of those moments when you too were saved by He who does that sort of thing all the time.


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