6-16-17 4:40 AM EST: "While I was talking to the doctor, my face paralyzed from the corner of this eyebrow all the way almost on a diagonal over to the bottom corner of the right side of my face," says Pastor David. "And so I was unable to speak or control my face. My eye could not close."


A week earlier, on Father’s Day, 2013, David began to experience severe pain in his ear. "I went to bed that night and I had excruciating pain all up and down my left side and I began to sweat profusely. I sweat through four pairs of pajamas that night. Someone asked me what it was on a scale of one to ten, what was it, and I said 11."

When David visited a walk-in clinic the next morning, the doctor told him it was an..." (quoted from CBN.com)

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