6-12-17 3:00 PM EST: "Steve McQueen is The King of Cool. A Hollywood superstar in the '60s and '70s, McQueen had everything fame and fortune could provide.


Drugs. Alcohol. Women. Trouble. His life was the stuff of legends. And he lived it full throttle -- passionately and recklessly. He was his generation's James Dean. Even today, he's a beloved movie/action/style icon.

McQueen had it all, but he wasn't happy. None of it made him happy or gave him any peace.


Known for his daredevil motorcycling in The Great Escape (1963) and his memorialized Ford Mustang GT chase scene in Bullitt (1968), McQueen made the most daring decision of his life six months before his..." (quoted from CBN.com)

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And then there's this: 50 Years after Six-Day War: 'God's on the Move'. Also from CBN.


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