5-7-17 3:37 PM EST: In this thread we have a new presentation, just uploaded earlier today by Stuart Burgess, professor of engineering design at the University of Bristol (UK). As you'll see if you watch this, he is one of the foremost design engineers in the world.

This video is approximately 45 minutes in length, but if you think of it as just a couple of 22.5 minute videos, it's easier, and far more brief than a movie. It starts off a little slowly but really gets going and grows better and meatier as it goes.


His purpose is to contrast Intelligent Design with Darwinian Evolution, and does a very good job of exposing the inherent weakness of that theory and argument. He compares the heights of intelligent man's designs with some of those found in nature, which the theory of evolution proposes happened by random chance and natural selection.

Some of the facts presented in this are mind boggling, as just the one picture included herein suggests. You'll also see the big difference between actual design engineers and people like Bill Nye and Richard Dawkins.

If I didn't think it was really good, I wouldn't post it here.


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