5-4-17 12:45 PM EST: Today on the official National Day of Prayer, faith leaders, congresspersons, and cabinet secretaries, gathered in the Rose Garden to acknowledge our country's reliance on God and prayer.


This ceremony opened with Stephen Curtis Chapman playing guitar and singing a medley, which was very good and included, The Lord's Prayer.

After V.P. Mike Pence, and President Trump spoke, the President signed an executive order effectively doing away with the "Johnson Amendment" and directing the IRS to no longer threaten pastors with losing tax exempt status for speaking up and out on important political issues according to their religious beliefs. I think that's huge. It strengthens free speech and action provisions too, giving the Department of Justice new guidelines which, if in place earlier, would've prevented the government from going after organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor, and Hobby Lobby, as two widely known examples.

Here is the complete ceremony, recorded live directly from the White House.


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