4-14-17 8:00 PM EST: "Imagine someone you love infected with a terminal malady - incurable - passed down from generation to generation. And no matter what you did - no matter how hard you tried - there was no escaping the eternal suffering.

But then imagine a man with a cure - a man willing to be wounded for our transgressions - bruised for our iniquities." (Todd Starnes)

We were living at Nellis Air Force Base back then, in Las Vegas, Nevada. That base was like an oasis, as right outside the base was desert. A kid could only ride his or her bicycle so far once that threshold was crossed. Thorny horned toad lizards, sand, hilly dunes, and cactus. We'd park the bikes and venture out a ways on foot, but never too terribly far. The green grass, air-conditioned house, and water hose, were the other way. Back at home. Back at base.


We had cactus up next to our house near the front door. Sister fell into one of those rascals once. Yikes! Ouch! We all got pricked a time or two. Dad had previously brought them back from the desert, 3 of them if I remember right, and dug deep holes to plant them in. Remember him putting a bunch of stuff in those holes too, like meal leftovers from 6 kids and two parents. He was the taller parent wearing fatigues and stripes every day. Mom was the shorter one who cooked all those meals and played piano at our church. I was one of those 6 kids who gave them both love and grief. Was/am number 4 in that line of six.


James Robison was doing a crusade not far from there. Have always thought I was nine years old at that time, but doing the math, it seems like I may have actually been 8. Was born in '62, James Robison was born in '43, so he was in his latter 20's when our entire family went to that big auditorium to attend one of his earliest crusades. He was part of the Billy Graham association back then. He had recently joined them...but by my third grade year we were living in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Mrs Harris was my teacher. Her direct ancestors were Lumbee Indians, and she was wonderful.

But at that NV crusade, we were all sitting in a row, and after some great music and really great preaching, the invitation was given with "every head bowed and every eye closed". You know, the standard Billy Graham type invitation.

I slipped out before anyone could grab me, and went on down to the front, then into a separate room after the service was over. My family wanted to get straight into the car, but Randy wasn't with them. By the time they made it to where I was, the parking lot was sparsely populated. I'd helped them avoid some major traffic, and...I was saved! Siblings jeered me just a little, and asked me if I felt any different. Momma made them stop and said she was proud of me. She smiled a lot too. I kept fairly quiet, just thinking about what I'd done and what it meant.

All 6 of us kids are Christian today, but numbers 4 and 5 have had the most difficult time with our lives. We got into trouble frequently in our later teen years...me the most. I've been in jail a few times too...once for about 2 full months.

Was in a hotel room all alone one night in my very early 20's while demons and angels battled over me...not kidding one bit. Either the Devil himself or one of his top ranking demons stood at the foot of my bed and demanded! "What's it gonna be! I'm ready to take you now!" It was huge, ugly, and exuded more evil than I'd ever seen, felt, or wanted to see again. All I could do was close my eyes and say, "Save me, Jesus" over and over. The demons and angels then battled each other in that room. It was like part of a Frank E. Peretti novel. The angels vanquished them all that night. It took a while too.


Anyway, today is Good Friday. It's good for obvious reasons. Want to dedicate tonight to personal testimonies and music. Whatever you'd like to say and play on the subject.

We already know, or should know, what Jesus did, and why. There is much good music about both Him and that which you can play. This thread is also dedicated to what you did and why in response to what He did. For Jesus, "it is finished"...so far. We however, are still works in progress. Some, like me, in need of much more sculpting than others. Ridiculously stubborn clay.


Gonna start by playing some of the songs I wrote, played, and sang. In hindsight, should've had the vocal tracks turned up a little more in at least a couple of them for better lyric hearing. There are many things I should have done or left undone in this life. How about you?

"...the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41 KJV)

Some really good things though too. Those good things are the Jesus things. My wife, kids, and grand kids, huge parts of those.




Let's play and say some stuff!


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