4-12-17 8:00 PM EST: Only two more days to Good Friday, that day which commemorates the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ.


If you come here very often, you've seen the trailer and brief interviews with Lee Strobel, who wrote, "The Case For Christ" which is now a big screen movie.

This is Lee Strobel on stage at a large church a couple of weeks ago telling the story in person about his search, and that which resulted from that search. The meat of the story begins at about minute number 9 in the video below, but the period before that is good too.


I hope Holy Week has been nice so far for you, and that you learn, retain, and share some of what you see in this video, if you hear anything you do not already know.

Not everyone will watch a 40+ minute video, and none of us can make anyone watch one either. Maybe you'll watch it, and maybe you'll pass it on. Maybe you'll continue praying for me, Mrs Brew, and one another too, as well as those who could use some truth this Easter Season.


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