4-11-17 7:37 PM EST: Good evening. Some of you who pass through here this evening may have seen the Palm Sunday videos we showed. Those were so very well done. 3-D animated images throughout and narrated at an adult level. If you missed those, you can see them here: http://politibrew.com/religion/6399-today-is-palm-sunday-praise-his-holy-name-hosanna


Wanted to use those to mark Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week leading up to Good Friday and Easter. Will include the next one this evening in the series which is the story of Christ's crucifixion up to and just a little after the resurrection.

Happy blessed Tuesday of Holy Week to you! This video below was published on YouTube two years ago, and still has less 300 views. I find that amazing. Posted three political videos myself on YouTube today with more than twice as many views as that already, yet there's no comparison between those and this one. None. This one, along with the ones from Sunday should have tens of millions of views by now.


Please enjoy this follow-up video to Sunday's videos, and share it with someone. As you watch, you can see what a tremendous amount of work went into it. An obvious gesture of love and "Great Commission" obedience from those who produced it.


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