President Trump and Vlad Putin Meeting Anticlimactic So Far

7-7-17 10:51 AM EST: If you missed President Trump's speech in Poland yesterday, you missed an historic moment in time. That much of the press described it as "dark" is ridiculous. It was strong and positive in it's defense of Western Civilization and admiration for the Polish people and what they been through over the last couple of hundered years.

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President Trump Takes on Fake News at Poland Presser!

7-6-17 6:47 AM EST: President Trump was up early appearing with Poland's Andrzej Duda. He fielded questions about Russian interference of course by one of the Russian obsessed media members. He fired right back that it was a shame Barack Obama did absolutely nothing about it because he thought Hillary "bathroom server" Clinton was going to win the election. (That middle name is from me not from him)


During the 7 AM hour of this morning the President is scheduled to give a major speech which I'll most definitely record.

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And here's President Trump's full speech, which is excellent!



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