Karl Rove and the GOPe Fighting Their Own Base

Rove: noun; to wander aimlessly.
There is no doubt that the Republican elite are well versed in losing.  Karl Rove won only one percent of the races that he backed in the 2012 elections. His highly visible on-air meltdown on election night should have wiped his weasel face off of the map for the future of the party.  
Tokyo Rove is more interested in lining his own pockets and holding on to his position of power amongst the establishment GOP than in winning elections.  This guy must have some serious dirt on the people who keep paying him...that or we have some really stupid people running the party, (probably both).
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April Fools Day: How Appropriate

Today's the day individuals are required to have purchased O'care, or O'care approved, health insurance. I wonder how many people out there are now wearing metaphoric sandwich signs with the word Fool emblazoned on them, bow and stern, fore and aft. It's enough to make one down a gallon of 'port' and self-inflict some upside-the-head pain with a 'starboard'. Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.
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Supreme Court Decision Doesn't Go Far Enough

Newt Gingrich on latest Supreme Court decision: Big victory for the First Amendment.
I just can't help liking Newt Gingrich. Is he perfect? Heck no, who is? He was most definitely a very effective Speaker of The House though. Will never forget when he became speaker during the Clinton years. What an exciting election that was. 
Let's compare him to John Beohner for a moment shall we? No, better not. Both my keyboard and your eyes would burst into something or other. The results wouldn't be kid friendly either. They certainly wouldn't be Boehner friendly.
Anyway, heeeeeeeere's Newt!
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Possible Motive For Missing Malaysian 777?

Yikes. Talk about a conspiracy theory. If the well-worn admonition to "follow the money" holds up, one can see that there's a ton of money behind this theory of what could have happened to that flight. It speaks more to the possible why though, as opposed to the what. What made it disappear? How did that disappearance occur? Who knows? This article is more like a who-done-it rather than a how-was-it-done. Of course it's only a theory postulated by the writers involved in it. We are not those writers, but certainly found it interesting. So might you. I read about it at beforeitsnews. They link to some other sources from there as well.
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Koch Brother Speaks Out

I've been waiting for one of these oft maligned brothers to speak out, and Charles Koch finally has, with a piece written by himself and printed in the Wall Street Journal.
By Charles G. Koch:
"I have devoted most of my life to understanding the principles that enable people to improve their lives. It is those principles—the principles of a free society—that have shaped my life, my family, our company and America itself.
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Unbuilding (?) the GOP Base

Collectively, the GOPe is a dang fool. They need to learn how to understand the difference between foolishness and wisdom, uncommon sense and common idiocy, intelligence and ignorance, a better life for your children versus equally poor socialism, freedom versus subjugation, economic power versus eternal stagnation, opportunity versus spirit zapping welfare, picking oneself up by one’s bootstraps and accomplishing whatever your dreams can imagine versus taking whatever the government is willing to toss your way. Understanding these differences would be a good first step towards being able to explain them to the electorate.
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Common Core: It Stinks

Like most people, I heard about the 2008 Race To The Top (RTT) grants the Obama administration was doling out, but I didn’t understand it, other than to know it as yet another attempt by the feds to do something about education. They have done this before, and with the same predictable results. More federal spending with the same mediocre results. 
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Who Should 'Get Out of the Social Issues'

Rand Paul was asked recently if he believed the Republican Party should "get out of the social issues," and he responded, "I think it's partly that," but went on to talk about privacy issues that the youth are more concerned about.  When pressed further, he said, "I think that the Republican Party, in order to get bigger, will have to agree to disagree on social issues.
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