When Elephants Fly

You don't usually think of Joe Scarborough as a Republican even though he sometimes plays one on TV, though more so back in the day as a member of Congress. But here, even while donning the MSNBC logo, he was Donny-ing something else, namely, Donny Deutsch.

If you can get past the usual libby thing you know where when someone is whacking them upside the head with a truth club their pants are down around their ankles and they can't stop talking because as long as they're saying something they think they're still in the game and if you'd only let them finish their sentence while astride a few of your own...

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USA...A Fascist Nation?

Jeffrey Lord hits it out of the park with his commentary on American Fascism. We are on a dangerous road indeed when the powers that be seek to destroy regular citizens because they disagree with them. Remember when Valerie Jarret said that after they win the election their friends would be rewarded and their enemies punished? I do.

We need to stand up for the folks who are attacked by these people. It is up to us to be united against the fascism that is marching faster than ever into the streets of America. It's scary speaking out against powerful forces, but if we don't do it now what will our kids be left with? Will they even be able to understand what freedom is when you try to explain it?

Jeffrey Lord is far more eloquent than I, please read his words.

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No Mere Speech Is Gonna Fix This

No it is not. But let's talk about basketball team owners, and heinous murderers who take too long to die, and which round of golf this next one will be for our own dear leader. Let's watch the thought police destroy people for their thoughts and words, even when spoken "privately", even though the once free market would've been more than capable of handling it on it's own.

Let's keep arresting those guilty of thought crime in this country, while watching the world, and our own country slip into an orwellian dungeon, where freedom goes to die, and totalitarians toss in crunched up croutons from some lofty vampire perch. 

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More Government Squashing of Small Business

Ever feel like Lilliputian to govenment's Gulliver? Wish you could come together with a bunch of other lilllies and tie Gulliver down? Let's see, I want to make sure I phrase this correctly because it's very important. Don't want to be miscontrued, vague, or unclear in any fashion, form, or shape if I can help it.

I mean, as a small business owner, and one who's alrready had his former small business shut down by government regulation he didn't even know existed, I can't afford many things these days, so I can't afford to get this next sentence wrong either.


Headline: Florida Senator Says She’s Being ‘A Parent’ To Craft Beer Breweries

A Florida state senator who has recently received thousands of dollars in donations from large beer distribution companies is proposing limitations on smaller craft breweries.

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Mike Lee Truly Gets It

A written speech from Mike Lee and video of him giving some of it. He speaks here about crony capitalism and how it favors certain large businesses, in order to help squash their competition. The same kind of crap that killed our business. 

Mike Lee gets it and rails against it. This is not the way it way America was meant to be...anything but.

I believe it was Sarah Palin who popularized the term Crony Capitalism.

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Boehner To Have Minor Back Surgery

Major back surgery would be better. I knew Boehner had back, he just needs a matching spine to give it girth. Hopefully his specialists can address that issue while working on him.

You've got your vertebrates and you've got your invertebrates. Guess which category Johnny has fallen under since being elected to the 3rd highest position in the realm? I thought Gumby and Stretch Armstrong were malleable in their heydays, but this guy is like taffy, daffy, and non-laughy, all rolled into one googoo-eyed jello pudding.

He can't call for special councils. Why? He can't stand up to Obama. Why?


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Benghazi E-mails Discussed: Fox Ladies and Brian Kilmeade

Andrea Tantaros, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, Katie Pavlich, and Brian Kilmeade. Very interesting video here that I haven't seen anywhere else. I've never even seen this particular group gathered together before.

They discuss the latest release of the Benghazi e-mails which get uncomfortably close to the White House, (because they apparently came from within it) with dishonest talking points given to Susan Rice before going on five Sunday talk shows to lie directly in the faces of you, I, and the rest of the world.

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Glenn Beck on EPA Induced Grid Failure

In his show prep meeting Glenn Beck discusses how close America came to a complete grid shutdown this past winter. Why? EPA restrictions on coal-fired plants which of course make...wait for it...electricity, among other Fed related reasons.

He wonders whether or not the EPA realizes where electricity comes from as their never-ending barage of ever-stifling regulations are necessarily skyrocketing the price, as well as the availability of electricity. He also cringes about what might happen next winter.

Me too. We live way up north near Canada. Brrrrr.

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Louie Gohmert Drops Kerry On The House Floor

Louie Gohmert from the House floor called for John Kerry's resignation. Says Kerry is both ignorant of history and of the offense of Arpartheid. He also said Kerry has effectively cursed Israel, and that if he doesn't stand down it could very well bring a curse down on us.

I think there he was referring to a verse in the Old Testament: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." (Genesis 12:3 KJV)

Needless to say Gohmert doesn't pull any punches in this short House floor speech. Good on ya' Louie!

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Ouch! We Need Another Trillion Dollar Stymielus

This should give every progressive a nice warm fuzzy feel. Just peachy. We wrote about a story last week which spoke of China's Christian population surging to surpass many other western countries as well.

China's economy has been growing at a much faster rate than ours has been. Theirs expanding, ours stymied. I've heard more than a couple of respected enterpreneurs tell Neil Cavuto that it's much easier to start a business in China than in the USA. I've seen John Stossel segments where he demonstrates how difficult it is to do so here. The ridiculous "red" tape, seemingly endless.

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