Trey Gowdy On Greta: Video Bang!

Trey Gowdy says he has evidence of intent regarding the cover up of this administration's Benghazi inactions. Says he can't reveal it but has it. He describes the difference between a Select Committee and standard committees, and speaks of finally getting to the bottom of just what happened there that allowed our people to be killed without receiving help. More later.

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Don't Poopoo That Who's Who They Do Do So Well

A secretly stealthy Prog meeting has been going on at the Ritz-Carlton, Chicago. David Axelrod dined at the Hotel's Deca restaurant which sported a sign touting a $100 grilled cheese sandwich filled with "40-year aged Wisconsin cheddar infused with 24K gold flakes." Not even kidding there.

Debbie Whatshername Schultz was in attendance channelling Polygraph, or was that Polycarp? No, no, definitely Polygraph. When asked if she wanted a cracker all she could muster was a spine curdling, Barawk!

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Louie Gohmert Heat: Origination Clause

Louie Gohmert points out that the ACA, which he "has a tough time saying, mainly because it is anything but affordable, and has seriously hurt many of his constituents" (paraphrased), did not originate in the House.

The witnesses dance around the issue a bit, but one young witness hits a nail on the head, speaking of James Madison referring to the House' power of the purse as being unequivocal, quoting Madison himself.

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Ben Swann On More Federal Land Grabs

Mr. Swann interviews a land owner at Vail Lake in California about more crony favors for developers while subjugating the non-politically important, non campaign cash shoveling, average folk.

Ben Swann writes about and has 3 videos included in this piece. There is another link below to Breitbart's take on this same song different state tune.

Have some of us had enough yet? Yes.

Exclusive Videos: Fed’s 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake


The issue of federal agencies seizing public and private land is gaining more national attention, largely due to media coverage of the Bundy Ranch conflict with the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada. This attention has been prompting others to come forward to share their experiences dealing with federal land seizures in the United States.

Another individual is shedding light on these disturbing practices. In videos exclusive to, land owner Bill Johnson discussed the attempts from the BLM and the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) to take control of enormous, valuable properties in California.

Johnson owns approximately 11,000 acres of land in Riverside County in Temecula, California. His property includes Vail Lake which spans about 1,000 acres. Three million acres of wilderness surround the property. The BLM manages land on the northern and southern sides of this massive property, and both the BLM and the MSHCP have been claiming “habitat conservation protection” rights on about 260,000 acres of land to aggressively restrict what Johnson and other land owners do with their property. Johnson said that these agencies are actively trying to push him and other land owners out of the area with endless regulations and intimidation.

Read More (Ben Swann has three videos included in his piece)


I'd like to see each and every instance of this Federal abuse trumpeted from every rooftop.

Remember, today is the National Day of Prayer, also don't forget to drop by Friday evening for Poljunkie, her writings, and all that great music sharing!


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Elijah Cummings: Kerry Subpoena "Shockingly Disrespectful"

Oh? Was it shockingly disrepectuful to the families of the deceased to cover-up the misdeeds of Kerry's predecessor with misdeeds of his own? Are you going to once again wear the costume of defense councilor for a fellow democrat instead of allowing truth to prevail regardless of where that truth leads? Of course. That's how it is with you democrats. You gave a standing ovation to a fellow democrat who had bribe money stashed in his freezer, another to one running a male prostitution ring in his basement, and the last two Presidents representing your party have lied with the pathological frequency a turbocharged metronome couldn't keep time with.

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Things Go Better With Koch, The Real Thing

Stop The Constitution I want To Get On! Democrats have come up with an amendment designed to overturn the Citizen's United decision made by The Supreme Court because it has empowered Charles and David Koch. Empowered them with what you might ask? Free speech. Are they serious about this amendment? After all, an amendment like that would put the kabosh on Tom Steyer and company too, right?

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When Elephants Fly

You don't usually think of Joe Scarborough as a Republican even though he sometimes plays one on TV, though more so back in the day as a member of Congress. But here, even while donning the MSNBC logo, he was Donny-ing something else, namely, Donny Deutsch.

If you can get past the usual libby thing you know where when someone is whacking them upside the head with a truth club their pants are down around their ankles and they can't stop talking because as long as they're saying something they think they're still in the game and if you'd only let them finish their sentence while astride a few of your own...

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George Will's Freewheeling Thoughts

Here we have George Will engaging in a little free association of sorts as the Daily Caller interviewer tosses out names and George briefly says what comes to mind when he thinks about them. I'm fairly positive many of you will have a problem with more than a couple of things that come out of his mouth.

If the words pompous ass come to mind. Don't blame PolitiBrew :-)

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No Mere Speech Is Gonna Fix This

No it is not. But let's talk about basketball team owners, and heinous murderers who take too long to die, and which round of golf this next one will be for our own dear leader. Let's watch the thought police destroy people for their thoughts and words, even when spoken "privately", even though the once free market would've been more than capable of handling it on it's own.

Let's keep arresting those guilty of thought crime in this country, while watching the world, and our own country slip into an orwellian dungeon, where freedom goes to die, and totalitarians toss in crunched up croutons from some lofty vampire perch. 

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