Your Hypocrisy is Showing DCCC

Fundraising off of fundraising against fundraising on Benghazi, or something along those lines. It's really hard to wrap my head around the glaring hypocrisy of the Democrats on this one. I had a seriously hearty belly laugh when I saw this story on The Daily Caller. Not because of Benghazi of course, which is a deadly serious subject, but the blatant, crass, hypocrisy of the Democrats here regarding it and fund-raising.

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GOPe Wants Worker Bees

The RNC is meeting today to discuss sweeping new changes to their primary process and plan to relaunch their permanent grassroots campaign.

According to the story today in Newsmax "If the party's chairman, Reince Priebus gets his way, the GOP will pick its nominee more quickly than during past contests and have fewer debates in which candidates could criticize each other. The RNC also was expected to put penalties in place for candidates who don't follow the committee's plans."

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Property Schmoperty!

Want to have fresh eggs from your own backyard chickens? How about fresh goat milk, or crafting your own goat milk soap from the goats you keep in your own yard? You can't do that! Small farms across the country have come under attack by the government, but who is really behind it?

The property rights of ordinary citizens are being diminished on a daily basis. The EPA, BLM, FDA, and a whole plethora of regulatory agencies have more control over your property than you do.

I have a friend who is being dragged around by one of these agencies right now. She and her husband live on and farm the land that belonged to her husband's family, they are constantly doing battle with one agency or another. They were recently told by one of these agencies they would be out of business by fall if they didn't comply with yet another demand being made of them. 

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A Different Kind of Warrior

The definition of a warrior is someone who is a brave or an experienced soldier or fighter. We tend to use that word liberally these days, describing anyone who’s fighting for a cause or ideal. But I’m using it to describe someone who is going to need a lot of support and prayers in the coming weeks and months.

Most folks know by now that Trey Gowdy, Republican Congressman from South Carolina has been chosen to be the ‘lead chair’ for a Select Committee to fully investigate the events surrounding the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012 which left 4 Americans dead.

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10% of Tea Party Donors Audited by IRS

Ten percent of them? That's only ten times + the usual percentage of folks who get audited. What's ten percent? Try writing it like this 10%, or this, ten percent. There must be a way to soften that blow, right? The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was one of those groups. I remember Franklin Graham talking about it several months ago.

What's a more effective way of chilling free speech than this, other than coming right out and shooting someone? Who wants government agency thugs visiting them every other day like Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote had?

A price must be paid for this abuse, and it needs to be high.

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Martha MacCallum Grills Beckel...Indoors

It's somewhat rare to see Martha so animated and even here she keeps her cool while noticeably indignant with Beckel's apparent role as defense council for the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, The State Department, and as usual, Democrats in general.


He actually uses Hillary Clinton's now infamous "what difference does it make" question without attributing the source. Martha notes the source and continues wondering how Bob can want to remain blissfully ignorant regarding the hows and whys of Benghazi's disasterous events and this administration's subsequent systematic cover up.

A cover up which is ongoing.

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Joni Ernst: Alpha Female

I'm really liking Joni Ernst. Greg Gutfeld is right, "We have a beta male issue in our administration, that's (Joni Ernst) not a beta male, that's an Alpha female." We have a problem of men being what they think women (read feminists) want them to be versus men standing up for what is right. Apparently it's going to be up to the women of the GOP to have the balls to stand for freedom and liberty...the "small" things that our founders fought for.

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Lois Lerner Crunch Time: UPDATE-Lois Lerner in CONTEMPT!

Rep. Massey says the discussion going on in the House regarding whether or not to hold Lois Lerner in contempt or not are "very contentious". One democrat said, according to Gretchen, "welcome to witchhunt week". Massey wonders if that quote was about Benghazi or IRS, as Democrats always defend their own no matter what, and both of these issues are front and center. It's isn't almost as if they have no shame whatsoever, it is plain that they have no shame whatoever.

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