Shut Down of NSA Phone Snooping? No.

Headline: House votes to shut down NSA phone-snooping: Dissenting commentary and the reason Justin Amash, representing Michigan's 3rd District, voted NO...but first, the following Washington Times article.

In an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, the House on Thursday approved a bill to cancel the government’s bulk-data collection programs, including the NSA’s phone-records snooping.

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Another Big Government Land Grab

This has Agenda 21 written all over it...

Obama seizes N.M. land for national monument in Bundy-like showdown

President Obama on Wednesday will declare a national monument in southern New Mexico, delivering a win for environmentalists but angering ranchers and local law enforcement, who say the land restrictions will end up creating a safe haven for drug cartels to operate within the U.S.

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A Million Dollar Reward For IRS Lawbreakers

The Voter's Trust has offered a one million dollar reward for info leading to the prosecution of any IRS official involved with the IRS abuse of conservatives. 

Catherine Englebrecht thinks it's outrageous and disgusting that Elijah Cummings, so deeply involved with the IRS bullying and targeting of conservatives, will also be part of the Benghazi Select Committee.

Catherine says this IRS bounty is "the people's bounty for the truth", and is put together by the group The Voter's Trust to empower the people to hold their government both accountable, and responsible.

The abuse goes well beyond the IRS. It's OSHA, EPA, ATF, BLM. It's big government running amuck over all of us, every day. It's also accelerating.

$1 Million Bounty to Be Offered for ‘Smoking Gun’ in IRS Targeting Scandal

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Obama: Empty Suit...Forked Tongue

Michelle Bachmann, Neil Cavuto and tens of millions of American citizens have come to the conclusion that Obama is nothing but a windsockpuppet who manages to lie virtually every time he opens his mouth. He was pretend outraged when it came to Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA's snooping on private law abiding you and I, and he vowed to get to the bottom of all of these, among others.

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