New Message From The Bundy Family

Here's a new message from the Cliven Bundy Family, authored by Carol regarding the BLM attempting to close Recapture Canyon in Blanding, Utah on May 10th. It reads as follows:


Please make your way to Blanding Utah this Saturday May 10th 9AM to protest the BLM Closure of Recapture Canyon.

Blanding has been the site of many BLM overreach efforts, including the horrific BLM SWAT team raids that resulted in the deaths of three Blanding residents.

County Commissioner Phil Lyman has organized a peaceful ATV ride into "Recapture Canyon". This Canyon was "temporarily" closed over 7 years ago by the BLM.

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The EMP Issue

I have been hearing for a long time that the electric grid in the United States is vulnerable to an EMP attack. I have also heard that it would cost about a billion dollars to protect it. A billion or so dollars to potentially save millions of lives seems cheap...the US government spent over a billion dollars on a website many of us didn't want.

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Wash It Down With a Koch or Two

This is an interesting read about the Koch Brothers as well as which companies and organizations comprise the largest donor groups to Democrats and Republicans. The article below from Yahoo News has a good video from Fox News in it, and shows a short montage of Harry Reid doing a few of his best Koch hysteria routines. It also reveals the company which gives the most to Democrats.

Regarding the Republicans largest donor, it isn't the Koch brothers, by a long shot.

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Harvard Hosts Black Mass Reenactment

Harvard's come a long way from their founding haven't they? Seems to be that way with much of America these days. Harvard University began in 1639 with a financial gift from a Protestant clergyman, John Harvard. Harvard has trained many Protestant ministers who went on to serve the various Christian churches of New England. That was a long time ago. These days they are into other things and extremely hostile to Christianity.

Any bets on whether or not those performing in this reenactment will be shouted down?

Anybody? Anybody at all?

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Your Hypocrisy is Showing DCCC

Fundraising off of fundraising against fundraising on Benghazi, or something along those lines. It's really hard to wrap my head around the glaring hypocrisy of the Democrats on this one. I had a seriously hearty belly laugh when I saw this story on The Daily Caller. Not because of Benghazi of course, which is a deadly serious subject, but the blatant, crass, hypocrisy of the Democrats here regarding it and fund-raising.

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First Amendment Exorcised

The First Amendment is under constant attack. Here we see a man being arrested for violating the "two minute rule" that this school board has imposed on people who want to speak at a meeting. (1st video below)

First of all, how can an issue be fully addressed in two minutes? Secondly, is it right to arrest someone for speaking? Third, if someone rebuts what you have said in your two minutes shouldn't that automatically mean you get time to respond?

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Property Schmoperty!

Want to have fresh eggs from your own backyard chickens? How about fresh goat milk, or crafting your own goat milk soap from the goats you keep in your own yard? You can't do that! Small farms across the country have come under attack by the government, but who is really behind it?

The property rights of ordinary citizens are being diminished on a daily basis. The EPA, BLM, FDA, and a whole plethora of regulatory agencies have more control over your property than you do.

I have a friend who is being dragged around by one of these agencies right now. She and her husband live on and farm the land that belonged to her husband's family, they are constantly doing battle with one agency or another. They were recently told by one of these agencies they would be out of business by fall if they didn't comply with yet another demand being made of them. 

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Lois Lerner: House Hoosegow

Will Lois Lerner go to jail? That's the title of this next Fox News piece. Many things could happen. She could be compelled to testify. She could be protected by Democnraps in the House, Senate, Justice Department, and White House.

Harry Reid could avoid the subject entirely preferring to focus on the Koch brothers, his not so new hobby in that lobby. Obama could lie about the whole thing as is his usual wont. You could set your gold watch by that and store it in any bank too big to fail's safe deposit box.

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10% of Tea Party Donors Audited by IRS

Ten percent of them? That's only ten times + the usual percentage of folks who get audited. What's ten percent? Try writing it like this 10%, or this, ten percent. There must be a way to soften that blow, right? The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was one of those groups. I remember Franklin Graham talking about it several months ago.

What's a more effective way of chilling free speech than this, other than coming right out and shooting someone? Who wants government agency thugs visiting them every other day like Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote had?

A price must be paid for this abuse, and it needs to be high.

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