Shaheen (D) Illegally Coordinating with Super PAC? NH-GOP says, Yep.

It seems she wanted a PAC to make some specifically targeted ads against Scott Brown who's running against her, and was coordinating with them towards that end. Goodness gracious grandma! That ain't how a democrat operates is it? Is it?

Ok, it is. I chose the picture of Shaheen cozied up to her very own healthcare albatross. Nice necklace sister!

Hmmm, albatross, I should probably tweet that so a few more of those flappy rascals can find their way.

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Rand Paul Endorses Susan Collins of Maine

Looks like Rand Paul is "clawing" his way into the establishment. Endorsing Collins of Maine is a step in the GOPe direction. If you've ever listened to Susan Collins speak for more than a minute or two, you were probably still waiting for her to get the second word in a row out before rapidly succumbing to impatience, and switching channels. No doubt it took her approximately 29 minutes to say, thank you Mr. Rand Paul.

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George Will: Global Warming is Religion and Back Door Socialism

I know what he's saying, but it seems like front door socialism to me. Bust the door down socialism. More totalitarian control of more aspects of each life unfortunate enough to be subjugated to it and those who run it... those who deign fix it. oh they'll fix many things alright, until every one of things lies dormant at the bottom of a government created cesspool of squished freedom and squashed opportunity.

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Momma Mia!

Love it! Mia Love won the Republican nomination and will be running against Democrat Doug Owens, the Salt Lake City attorney, and is predicted to win easily by many prognosticators. I certainly hope so. This lady is a conservative fireball, and will be a nice pick-up seat for the R's in Utah's 4th district. 

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The Cost of “Affordable" Healthcare: One Man's Take

Obamacare, The Book of Confusion, America's Greatest Mistake. However you know it, and regardless of your opinion of it, "Affordable" Healthcare is a law that will be around awhile. Repeal it, support it, either way we have to deal with it. My hope is that with this upcoming election, we the people will pull our heads from of our respective bums and elect new leadership who'll begin the process of repeal, the first step of nullifying this corrupt and bass akwards law. That will take awhile, so let the race of the snails begin. Until then let me give you fine folks a working man's opinion of this abomination. Not speculation, but a true account of how this law has affected myself and other poor souls in similar positions around this great country.

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Snatching Defeat From Victory's Jaws

Loser, loser,_____. Do you see a trend? The GOPe seems to think it's a good idea to stick with the tried and true game plan. Back the most moderate possible candidate, steamroll all other primary candidates, lose the general election. I don't think they really "plan" to lose, I just think they are not learning from past mistakes.

The GOPe is going to lose a large portion of it's base if they do this again in 2016. It may put a democrat in the White House, but many conservatives will refuse to vote for another tepid candidate...the lesser of two evils.

It doesn't matter if we have another Bush White House or another Clinton White House...we know the results would be similar either way. I predict a mass exodus away from the GOP if they choose this route again.

Jeffrey Lord does a fantastic job of trying to set them straight...let's hope they take his advice.

Headline: JEB BUSH AND THE GOP DONOR PROBLEM (Anti-base politics can defeat 2016 nominee)-by Jeffrey Lord

Donald Trump looked out over the audience of New Hampshire conservative activists and mentioned the name “Jeb Bush.” On April 12, the Hill reported the reaction this way:

“You know, I heard Jeb Bush the other day,” he said, with quiet boos and angry murmurs erupting from the crowd at the mention of Bush’s name.

“And he was talking about people that come into this country illegally, they do it for love,” he continued, with the boos growing louder.

Trump added, to laughter from the crowd: “And I said, say it again I didn’t get — that’s one I’ve never heard before … I understand what he’s saying, but, you know, it’s out there.”


Bush drew considerable conservative backlash when he made the comments in a recent interview, but defended them at a Connecticut Republican Party dinner on Thursday, where he further urged “sensitivity to the immigrant experience.”

Fifteen days earlier, on March 29, the Washington Post headlined this story:

Influential Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush into 2016 presidential race

This story began as follows:

LAS VEGAS — Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor Jeb Bush into the 2016 presidential race, courting him and his intimates and starting talks on fundraising strategy.…

Many if not most of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s major donors are reaching out to Bush and his confidants with phone calls, e-mails and invitations to meet, according to interviews with 30 senior Republicans. One bundler estimated that the “vast majority” of Romney’s top 100 donors would back Bush in a competitive nomination fight.

“He’s the most desired candidate out there,” said another bundler, Brian Ballard, who sat on the national finance committees for Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. “Everybody that I know is excited about it.”

And then there’s this story, from just yesterday. As reported over at The Washington Examiner on April 23. The headline?

Tea Party claims first victory of 2014

Tea Party candidate Curt Clawson won the Republican primary in the special election seat to replace Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., who resigned after pleading guilty for cocaine possession, a victory that the Tea Party Express is claiming as “the movement's first victory of 2014.”

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FDA Giving E-Cig Manufacturers The Vapors

More bad news for small business coming from the non elected, Federal alphabet soup of regulatory agencies. I can understand the push to not allow for the sale of e-cigs to minors, OK that would take one sentence. I can also somewhat understand the push for a warning that it may cause nicotine addiction (not proven, but possible), OK that's two sentences.

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