1-10-18 11:03 AM EST: There are many things going on at the front lines of these current political confrontations. Each side is entrenched. Democrats are pretending to want border security, and Republicans are hopefully serious about it, and don't want to fall for, "Let's do a clean DACA and then border security". The Republicans have been burned too many times before on that.


Pres Trump allowed the cameras in for an unprecedented amount of time yesterday, and I recorded all of that. A view of the sausage making. You can see that at our YouTube channel by searching Rshill7 at YT. Even the lamestream media were impressed by that, but it ruined their "Trump is crazy/mentally unstable" mantra of late.

Trump was large and in charge, and both Repubs and Dems were respectful and showed deference to him. Would they do that to a crazy man? Sure, but that's beside the point. Most of them are much more crazy than he is, as is much of the media :-)

He's also going to Davos soon and taking his America First agenda with him. The last President who attended that, I hear, was Pres Clinton. Trump has been going places and doing things many Presidents have not been or done before. I like it. Do you?








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