1-8-18 5:35 PM EST: Pres Trump traveled to Nashville this afternoon and just finished giving a wonderfully uplifting speech, in my opinion. Senator Bob Corker was there too, and all smiles, to boot. See how Trump so very quickly forgives and works with those who've disrepected him? The more I watch, see, and hear him...the more I notice the bottom lines reflecting incoming results from what he has been doing, and trying to do, the more I want to applaud. Yes, we who voted for him did the right thing.

During the general election, there were Trump haters on the left, and NeverTrumpers on the right. Some hate represented there too, quite frankly. Am pretty sure those on the left are still deranged, but have seen many signs, though not nearly enough, from NeverTrumpers, who have been pleasantly surprised by the way he has been endeavoring to keep his promises, some promises much better than even those that were made. Pleasant surprises for them. Those regarding federal regulations for example.


When it comes to regulations, which have killed so many previously successful businesses, mine included, his promise was to remove 2 existing ones for each new one issued. Result so far? 22 have been eliminated for each new 1 issued! That's really something, and something very good!

I really wanted to show this speech from Trump to farmers today. This farmer organization invites the U.S. President every single year to this gathering. Trump is the first to have accepted and shown up in 25 years.

To those who were concerned about my oral surgery this morning, and prayed for me. Thank you! I almost can't believe the difference between how I feel, versus how I thought I might feel. You talked me through some stuff too, even as I tried to talk myself through. I needed to hear you caring about me and you didn't let me down.

I say "LOVE!" to you quite frequently, and attempt to show it. You show and demonstrate it for sure, and I have truly felt it. Your planted love and prayers bring forth harvest...row after row. Right now I feel better than I did yesterday. Am on the other side of that scary tooth and bone removal surgery now from just a few hours ago. Am amazed as well. I shouldn't be amazed, but I am.

God is good, and so are you!

Now check out this Trump speech. Open Thread!


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