1-4-18 10:54 AM EST: The book containing supposed quotes, by Michael Wolff, which doesn't even come out until next week, is causing an uproar in the White House and Trump family. Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka too.


Last night on his radio program, Bannon was complimentary about the President, but did not retract any of the quotes attributed to him in this book. Now Bannon, formerly hated by the leftwing press, has a new-found affinity for him. The enemy of their enemy, is now their friend? Seems so, and their arch enemy is Donald Trump. As such, most of the press, and that includes Fox News, albeit to a lesser degree, are all over the "feud" between Trump and Bannon.

Every person who entered the employ of Donald Trump, both pre and post election, signed an agreement promising confidentially and a pledge not to disparage. If the quotes Bannon is supposed to have made are accurate quotes, then it looks to me that Bannon is in breach of that agreement, and breach means, broken promise.

So lets look at parts of this story from Fox just from this morning. Many quotes attributed to others in the White House have been vigorously denied, and the common train of thought is running on tracks labeled "Michael Wolff writes tabloid trash".





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