1-2-18 9:41 AM EST: Mr and Mrs Trump flew back to D.C. late yesterday afternoon and will be holding a high stakes meeting with Congressional leaders tomorrow. On the docket, funding the bloated federal government, doing something for immigrants who were brought here as kids and are now grown, infrastructure spending, because Obama's 870 billion or so stimulus built approximately nothing...you know that "shovel ready" boondoggle Biden was in charge of.


The senate has one less GOP vote, all of which were tenuous before that, and the Dems don't aim to help this president or congress do anything...yet they think they could take the house and senate in 2018. Based on what? Obstruction. Resistance. Personal animus, and ideological hatred.

Has Pres Trump's actions thus far pleasantly surprised you? Has his rough around the edges approach taken you aback, or is it just what some good doctor ordered? The Great Physician perhaps? I don't know, but He who orders is always ultimately in charge, so my best guess be yes.

Lets' begin the first working day of 2018 by posting and checking out the big morning news of today.









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