12-14-17 1:24 PM EST: Regarding the GOP tax plan, as usual, Democrats demagogue, because they automatically assume that most Americans are stupid, and that's just one more thing which makes Democrats stupid. That stupidity list of theirs is longer than Summer Solstice.


Their tax cut rebuttals always reverberate like this: "Almost all of these tax cuts go to the rich. The Republicans love the rich and despise the poor and middle class." The truth is that the Republicans suck as salespeople. I mean, most Republicans trying to sell a tax cut plan from D.C. could suck a bowling ball out of a locked closet in Los Angeles.

The Democrats say that the currently proposed tax cuts benefit corporations to the detriment of working people. See that term "working people"? Where do these "working people" work? Don't most of them work at corporations, or are the only working people they want to talk about comprised of those that work for government?

Fortunately one of the provisions that has been changed from the senate plan is to NOT delay those corporate and small business tax cuts to next year. How stupid would a delay be? The bottom plank that the GOP is not hammering home, is that when you benefit the employers of "working people", you end up with a few things at least. 1. More working people. 2. Stiffer competition for the added jobs as corporations come back home from being run out of this country via high taxes and ridiculous regulations. 3. Lower prices for those working people who also shop. 4. The synergy of the first three.

Why can't the GOP sell anything? Instead of relating corporate tax cuts to the individual working and unemployed persons, they simply say that it will benefit the economy. They need to relate it directly to the individual working voter...and by the way, lots of "rich" people work twice as hard as non-rich people. The last people Democrats want to help is the middle class. The middle class doesn't want to oppress the rich or the poor. They are by and large, content. The Democrats want a war between the rich and the poor, as China and Russia experienced in the 20th century. Socialism and Communism cannot take hold when a country has a vibrant and thriving middle class.




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