8-29-17 5:26 PM EST: The news has been wall to wall Harvey coverage for the last couple of days, but I wanted to get a new thread up for visiting purposes at least.


President Trump is in Texas today meeting with Governor Abbott and other Fed Agency officials, like the heads of HHS, SBA, and HUD. Harvey has been termed as epic and unparalleled in terms of rain amounts.

Thousands and thousands of people hgave been resued by boats of many different varieties, jet skis, kayaks, air boats, you name it. Volunteers and citizens with boats have come in from other states too.

What a mess this is and will be for the forseeable future. May God have mercy on these people.

It does appear that Harvey is moving east of Houston now towards Lousiana, and hopefully levees continue to hold in parts of Texas and Lousiana. What an event. It's been heartening seeing neghbors helping neighbors too.




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