8-18-17 1:28 PM EST: Ted Cruz was driving through Texas on his way to a Louie Gohmert birthday fund raiser a little earlier today and while doing that called in and did a radio interview on a prgram called The Wells report, which appears to also emanate from Texas.

Senator Cruz spoke about some of his personal goals as they relate to Congress and our country, such as healthcare, tax reform, and regulation reform. He also, near the end, answered a couple of questions about the recent rigamarole surrounding Chalottesville, VA, and white separatist groups. While I was listening to this interview I also saw on television with the sound muted, that Steve Bannon's last day at the White House is today. So Mr Bannon is out.

It'a always good to hear Ted Cruz. He's one of the very few good ones in Congress, and probably, the best.


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