8-12-17 9:55 AM EST: The war of words is kicking into a high gear on both sides of the Pacific. North Korea's Kim Jong-un is saying things like, turn America into ash and Will send fire to the American Mainland. President Trump is talking fire, fury, and power, the likes of which this world has never seen...locked and loaded too.


So, which one of these players has the cards to back up this very high stakes game of "Go Fish"? Take a guess. North Korea has a 40 billion per year economy. We have an 18 trillion per year economy. They have about 25 million people. We have about 320 million people, if you include the several million idiots, fools, and snowflakes, which are not surprisingly taken aback by President Trump's tough talk.

Here is General Jack Keane. I like this video and so will you. It's about North Korea's latest talk/bluff and Jack Keane's response. Good stuff! Good morning!


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