7-14-17 9:43 AM EST: The end of another week, and the beginning of a new day and another weekend, which should be called, the strong end. TGIF. Most of us thank God for just another new day, but Fridays tend to get top billing for many reasons, especially for those who get to stay home from work and turn alarm clocks off for a couple of days.


President Trump had what appears to be a very cordial and mutually respectful visit to France, where he and the new French President Macron exchanged many kind words, handshakes, and back pats. Bastille Day was memorialized and so was the 100 year anniversary of America's entry into WWI.

Now the earnest work again begins as the Trumps fly back home to the continuous, rabid, and ridiculous, onslaught from much of the media. Media which you rarely see here, and for basically for the same reason I don't show videos of toilets flushing or septic sanks being sucked out. We all know that shit happens, but showing it is not something we want to do. If you want to see that, pay your cable bill and switch on over to CNN or MSNBC.


Ted Cruz will be a yes vote on the Senate healthcare plan. His important amendment was included in the bill, and if you don't know what that amendment is about, you can ask questions below, and either I or someone else will describe it to you.

But here in this thread, as we enter another weekend, is Kellyanne Conway from this morning (who also mentions the Ted Cruz amendment) and a C-SPAN video of Ted Cruz from yesterday afternoon explaining his yes vote.

Make it a good day. Heck, "rejoice and be glad in it" while you're at it if so inclined. I'll do the same :-)



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