7-13-17 5:28 PM EST: Pat Caddell, and it's been quite a while since I've seen him on television, makes a painfully obvious point that you've probably noticed too, and that is how Democrats cricle the wagons and defend to the death, their own. Republicans never do that. They always shoot, crucify, and eat their own. Their own colleagues, plans, and positions. Too many are willowy at their most girthiest, and blown by the slightest breezes. Afraid of their own shadows and every bit of criticism which might come from those goosestepping Democrats who come out fighting and kicking like the Rockettes on every issue.


We also have a visit from Jim DeMint who I haven't seen in a long time. He's talking about the problems Republicans will have if they do not stick to their healthcare promises.

I think not being part of the Senate Swamp really agrees with him. He looks like a strappin' teenager compared to so many of those old gators still sunning themselves in D.C. But gators have thick skin, and backbones. The ones I'm talking about who've been there forever, have neither.



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