7-10-17 11:23 AM EST: Are the constant Harangutans in the left-wing press slipping on so many banana peels while losing hearts and minds? It looks like it. Seems most folks don't want to hear continuous criticism without break or relief. Weird.


Not only that, when those that constantly criticize come unglued at the slightest pushback, well that just takes the cake along with a baker's dozen of jelly-filled donuts amidst a self-inflicted pie facing...after which, they then look the part of the corrupt clowns they are.

Someone should send a few of those outlets a truckload of orange wigs, red shoes, noses, and unicycles, so they can also dress the part while pedaling that singular wheel.


The foreign press, as Stuart Varney points out, doesn't seem to be the least bit adverse to positive POTUS pronouncements. More weird. Apparently they're not nearly as covered in lefty pocket lint as our "press" is.

Oh, and self-proclaimed boy scout, James Comey could be feeling some of that heat he witheld from Hillary to pour on POTUS.

All of these videos are very good!





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